About Us


Joe started trimming over 8 years ago, starting out as an apprentice to now owning his own business. He is fully qualified in Vehicle trimming after completing an NVQ along side a 4 year apprenticeship with a leading manufacturer in the luxury automotive industry. In this time he has worked on some of the most expensive cars in the world which has influenced his high attention to detail which is shown throughout his work. It is easy to see that and he isn't phased by a bit of a challenge!

Get to know!

We think its fair to say Joe lives and breathes anything trim related, at the moment he is in the process of building a Mk4 Golf R32 in which he is displaying many of his skills and hopes to get it into some shows in the next couple of years. You can see his build here. When he's not doing car related things you'll find him spending time with his son Reuben and partner Jemma, often taking their beagle Max for scenic walks.

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Guaranteed satisfaction

We pride ourselves on the work we do and because of this we only use the highest grade of materials we can get our hands on! From using fine nappa leathers, Alcantara and Tweed from the Isle of Lewis. We never take on too much work ensuring each wheel or piece of work we involve ourselves in gets our full attention until we would be happy enough to use them in our own cars!