A gentle pH balanced cleanser which has been formulated to safely but effectively remove grimes, stains, dirt and more from vehicle leather. Our carefully formulated Leather Cleaner will leave the leather soft through it's use of natural oils, and leaves a subtle "As new leather" fragrance after use.

Classic Leather Cleaner

  • Directions for use:


    Spray sparingly onto the surface, do not over apply/saturate. Use a dry cloth to remove any moisture. The surface should be completely dry to touch on the completion of the cleaning process.


    Please note: 


    Do not use on suede or similar finishes. Always test first on an inconspicuous area to ensure that the leather is colourfast and water-resistant.


    Health and safety:


    Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. 

    MSDS sheets can be found at the bottom left handside of this page.